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Mokeru Hair Dye Shampoo Shampoo de color

Mokeru Hair Dye Shampoo Shampoo de color

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The new formula of pure coconut oil brings back a completely new and different hair experience. Its content is rich in collagen which helps strengthen hair fibers from the inside out. This means that after washing your hair you notice that it becomes shinier and softer.

It is excellent for preventing hair loss and repairing hair from the root. Not to mention that its main function is to dye hair and gray hair easily and naturally.

This product is free of harmful chemicals like those found in other conventional dyes, has a low percentage of ammonia, no strong odors, and no plumboum. The pigment factor of this shampoo perfectly covers white hair; quickly transforming it into hair with a natural and long-lasting color. 

Note: The Silver Gray Shade only works on ashy blonde or gray hair. 

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