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Ann Michell Excelencia Ref 1024B

Ann Michell Excelencia Ref 1024B

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!! ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO RETURNS  ON CLEARANCE!! Waist Trainer hooks and zipper Waist train with the popular Zip and clip power net waist trainer made from non-latex Powernet material.Ideal for those with a latex allergy. 👀 please send a note if you need a smaller size we have size 4xs, 3xs and 2xs these sizes are only for people who already have the xs and for clients who have too much experience in these sizes there is no change or return in this sizes we can't exchange nude color en all the sizes👈🏻Authentic Colombian Faja Moldeadora y reductora ideal para usar todo el día su piel respira ! **ATTENTION BEFORE YOU ORDER YOUR WAIST TRAINER**If it's your first time using a waist trainer, we recomend to go a size up. It is ABSOLUTELLY recommended NOT to order sizes smallers tha XS... Sizes 2XS, 3XS and 4XS are for people using waist trainers for a long time already, not first timers. Please read our note about that manner. we can't exchange or returns beige or nude waist trainers Si es es primera vez usando cinturilla le recomedamos pedir una talla mas grande. Es ABSOLUTAMENTE recomendado NO ordenar tallas mas pequenas que la XS... Las tallas 2XS, 3XS y 4XS son para personas que usan cinturillas desde hace tiempo, no para principiantes. Por favor lea nuestra nota referente a ese asunto. no estamos cambiando cinturillas color beige.

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