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Sabila Beauty

4 Hooks aggressive Latex Waist Trainer

4 Hooks aggressive Latex Waist Trainer

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This is our 4 hooks aggressive latex waist trainer, it is a long torso waist trainer, great for doing cardio, For fast results we recommend 6-8 hours daily. Please keep in mind the sizes are not equivalent to your waist measurement, for instance if your waist measures 32 in you would be a 36M not a 32XS. This is a latex waist trainer, which are only made to last (3-6) months

-Made in Colombia with love and the highest quality possible.



- Improves posture

- Flattens stomach

- Increases core thermal activity every time you wear it

- helps you sweat

- 4 rows of adjustable hooks to reduce waist trainer as your waist reduces


-4 levels of frontal hooks

- Full latex exterior to give you a tight and even compression.

- Breathable cotton interior to keep you comfortable

- Long Torso

Estamos orgullos de presentar la Nueva Cinturilla de latex 4 lineas de broches hecha en colombia con la mejor calidad de latex no se dobla no parte la cintura el latex no es delgado pero si flexible hecha por nosotros con el mejor control de calidad somos expertos en fajas ! tenemos que tener la mejor !Brand new Colombian latex waist trainer with 4 lines of hooks the best quality FINAL SALE


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